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Mandy Grace Guilfoyle, born in Seminole, Florida, is a cellist and educator with over 18 years of experience. Mandy was performing the cello professionally and wowing audiences since middle school when she played in dozens of ensembles and groups, as well as winning competitions.


Mandy has performed in multiple countries, including France, Italy, and Europe, as both a string quartet member and the principal cellist of an orchestra. She has a love of performing, and deeply honors and respects the connection between two humans during a musical performance.


She moved to Dallas in 2009, where she studied with soloist Andrés Díaz at Southern Methodist University and received a B.A. in Music, and then an M.A. in Music Education in 2018.


In 2016, Mandy attended the Global Musician Workshop with Yo Yo Ma and performed and worked with musicians such as Mike Block, Sarah Jarosz, and Hanneke Cassel. Her time with these three musicians specifically, inspired her interest in American folk music. With a newfound passion, Mandy learned everything she could about American folk music, and returned to the Global Musician Workshop the following year, and performed and worked with old-time fiddler Bruce Molsky. 


Mandy Guilfoyle is currently located in Asheville, NC, where she performs regularly as a soloist, chamber musician, and as principal cellist of the Blue Ridge Orchestra. She lives with her trombonist husband Chris, and her Boston Terrier, Darby.