What You Didn't Learn in Music School: Your Important Role as a Private Lesson Teacher and Easy How-To Instructions

You're a classical musician studying in a conservatory or music school when you realize that it's time for you to start teaching private lessons. What do you do now? Where do you start?

This handbook is your guide from musician-to-musician to get you started with teaching private lessons. Some of the subjects we will cover include:

> The different types of private lesson teaching
> Easily digestible teaching strategies for all music teachers
> Scientific information that explains the question, "why does my student do that?"
> The importance of private lesson teachers and how we can influence future generations

Each chapter includes interactive self-reflection questions and a space to write down your thoughts and notes. This handbook is intended to be an introductory guide for the musician who is new to teaching private lessons, giving you anecdotes and stories, ideas, and advice to get you started. Keep a copy in your studio, your instrument case, your bedside table- anywhere where it may inspire you to do your part in being the best private lesson teacher you can be!

Mandy Grace Guilfoyle  |  contact@mandygraceguilfoyle.com