Violin Class

Lakehill Prep

Violin I (Mondays) from 3:20 pm - 4:05 pm (45 minutes)

Interested in learning the violin? Already play? Learn with friends at Lakehill Prep! Now offering Violin Class I peer instruction after school open to grades K-4th. In groups of 3-8, students will learn the fundamentals of violin alongside musical compositions from the book, Essential Elements for Strings.

Students are expected to bring their book, a foldable music stand and their instrument to learn and play together!


Instructor: Mandy Guilfoyle (TX. B.A. Music and M.M. Music Education from SMU- full bio can be found here),


Spring 2022 - $300


Materials Required (links to recommendations below):

  • Personal or rented violin

    • If you are renting a violin, I recommend Caraway Strings or Fiddle and Bow for a local shop or Shar Music for an online shop! Both should be able to guide you in choosing the correct size. Contact Mandy for any questions.​

    • I do NOT recommend buying a violin from sites like Amazon. While they are cheap and sometimes fun and colorful, they are difficult to play and impossible to tune. We call those VSOs, or "violin-shaped objects"!

  • Essential Elements for Strings

    • Violin I (click HERE)

  • Foldable stand

    • Here is an affordable one on Amazon (click HERE)​

  • Everest shoulder rest

    • Note- shoulder rests come in different sizes, based on the size of the violin. In our first Violin I class, I'll make a note of everyone's violin sizes and send out personal links to the right shoulder rest for your student! They are less than $30.

Class Fee Details:

The class fee can be paid directly to Mandy, through Venmo (@CMGLessons), cash, or check

If you are signing up after the first day of class, I'll prorate your semesterly tuition!

At 3:15, I will pick up each student from their classroom, and together we will all walk to the performance hall together for class. At the end of class, the students and I will all walk together to the pickup line, and I will make sure your students get home safely! I will stay until 4:15, or until all of the students are with their parents or guardians.


Interested in signing up for Violin Class? Email me at!


Missing class:
There are no refunds if your child misses a class. We will have a free make-up class on December 14th for any students to participate in if they missed a class during the semester. Note- there will be one make-up class per semester, no matter how many classes your child may have missed.

The semesterly club fee is due at the first class of the semester. If you are starting later in the semester, it is due at that first class you attend and will be prorated.

Teacher absence:
In the case of my own absence (whether due to illness or unexpected travel or something else), you'll receive a refund for that missed class.


Instrument liability:

I am not liable for your child's violin or supplies. Accidents do happen, especially with little ones- I will do my best to repair any small things on your child's instrument (for example- fixing bridge placement, replacing strings, etc.) but if there are any major repairs that need to be done, you'll be responsible for taking care of that at a luthier. (I can guide you in the right direction if that happens!)


Student illness:

Especially during these crazy times, if your student is unwell, has been exposed to COVID-19, or has COVID-19 themselves, please do not take them to Violin Class! We want to make sure all of our friends and family stay safe this Fall.



Unfortunately, there are no refunds on the club fee if you decide to quit Violin Class before the semester is over.