Magical Trips to the Copy Machine

You always hear in the news how music education is important for children. It helps their grades, their social skills, their problem solving skills, helps them gain leadership skills, and so much more. There is no argument that music education is not valuable for children. I personally believe that every child should have the opportunity to have music lessons.

Something that isn’t mentioned often is the overwhelming benefits of being a music teacher on your own well-being.

No matter what is going on in the world, once my students walk into my room for their weekly lesson, everything that is worrying me drops off and I am immersed in the music world. Not an intense, competitive music world that can so often be a stressful addition rather than a helpful one, but a music world filled with innocence, creativity, wonder, and pure love and laughter.

I just finished teaching a new student, giving them a trial lesson. This is a student who wasn’t sure what she wanted to play, so we decided to let her try out a bunch of different options to see what she liked the most. Since it was her first ever music lesson, I decided to stick to piano, as it is more approachable