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New Year, New Beginnings

My favorite time of the year is the beginning of the school year. As a musician and educator, summers always feel long and stagnant, with less activity and creativity. By mid-August, even children are ready for school start. They're ready for the routine and time with their friends that school brings.

There is always an amazing buzz in the air of nerves and excitement for what the future may bring. It may be only mid-July, but I am ready for the excitement of the new year! Especially because this is the first year I will not be in college in the fall. I am so blessed that I get to teach music and play music for a living. I am positive and happy for this change in life, where I will have the opportunity to do what I love full-time!

Does the fall bring change in your life as well? What are you looking forward to as the summer quickly comes to an end?

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