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My mantra lately has been, "trust the universe." Things may happen in your life that seem bad, or even catastrophic, but in my short life experience, I've really grown to trusting the universe. Every single thing that happens in your life happens for a reason, and is meant to happen. Did you lose that audition? No problem, the universe is just nudging you in the direction that you are supposed to go in, and that direction was not that thing you were auditioning for. Lose an interview? Same thing.

How lucky am I, as a musician, that I get to experience the ultimate form of trust between two human beings- through music! When a musician is performing for an audience, they aren't just playing notes. Oh, no. They are taking the souls of the audience member, and all of the audiences worries, thoughts, concerns, and problems, and attempting to heal their souls with your music and your etherial connection you have with them in that moment. The responsibility of the musician is huge in this moment, because they have the power to hurt or heal the audience. Audiences must trust the musician. Trust their experience. Trust their intentions.


Life is about trusting. Trust the universe, trust each other. Be pure in your intentions, and you will be gifted.

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